Cafe Sydney Wedding Celebration..  Narelle & Mike.. 
Photojournal by Todd Perry
Narelle & Mike met by chance in a New York City diner.. Mike lived there and Narelle was passing through... 

After seeing their way through earth quakes, a tsunami and a cyclone across three countries they live with their two beautiful twin girls on the Upper West Side. A quick trip home to celebrate their new bond with those that matter went adrift,  their plans derailed by mother nature and a three pronged cyclone attack. 
Narelles clan stranded in QLD. Some would break.. Others would fall.. these two glide.. around the harbour and over Sydney. 
I was lucky enough to hang out with them fo the day.. all class...  
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'They look absolutely amazing, and are everything that I wanted.  You made things look magical and otherworldly.  Thank you for doing such an incredible job' - Narelle

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