A beautiful wedding in Clare, South Australia - Photography by Todd Perry
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Whats the equation for the perfect wedding? Is it just maths?

1 gal + 1 guy + love + want to spend their life together = married couple... thats simple.. But thats not the equation.. If it was each wedding would be perfect and right..

Some times the parts of equation look different.. but whats the sum of it?


James & Mary...

James. = 1 x Dr.
Mary = 1 x Lawyer

Their parents... Distinguished and refined. (1 Senator & 1 Established Dr with roots dating back to the early settlers)

Their friends = Tall, Educated, Good Looking and Funny... F(n) x 4.

The location = perfect x 1 - worrying weather + 1*(the will to make it perfect again with your mates)

The ceremony = respectful + change + trust +tradition

In James speech he said that the best score that Mary had given him was 6.5/10. I know some times men don't deserve much more but there are occasions that we do..i think he might of got a few extra points on 01.12.12. For the purposes of this equation we will assume a 10. I think he deserves it for the choice he made to marry Mary if nothing else..

Sometimes the equations look different.. and sometimes the result isn't perfect. It isn't right. This isn't one of those...

This is a perfect wedding. I don't know what the equation is. But i know on this occasion its right..Some people just know how to make it perfect and that the sum is greater than the many parts... 

An amazing day with James and Mary.. a perfect wedding.. Thanks for letting me capture it.

The people that helped... 

Lighting & Decoration - Sash Events 

Venue - Skillogalee House 

Flowers - The Bluebell Society  

Marys Dress - Paolo Sebastian 

James Suit - Patrick Johnson 

Make Up - Meisha Wright

Hair - Ida Trimaco
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